Vote with APANO this November 2020

Elect the leaders we deserve. Check out our Voter Guide, and learn more about the key candidates and ballot measures that are important to our Asian Pacific Islander communities in Oregon.

As we reflect on what needs to change in order to undo the systems that brought us to this moment, we […]

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Cultural Work Roundup October 2020

Throughout this year it has been clear how culture has been shaping the public consciousness, pushing forward the visions against systemic oppression in our country. In our final month before the election, BIPOC artists, writers and organizers are tackling one of the tools that can take us further in our collective liberation – […]

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November 2020 Endorsed Candidates and Ballot Measures

2020 has been a challenging year for our communities. COVID-19 has amplified long existing injustices in our housing, work, and healthcare systems, leaving workers, caregivers, people of color, low income folks struggling to survive. Violence against Black communities continues while police accountability is non-existent. This week we also mourn as fires ravage our […]

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November 2020 Candidate Endorsement Process

The stakes for this election have never been higher. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and amidst a nationwide civil rights reckoning, we need strong candidates who can meet this moment and work with us to fight for the rights and resources of our community and Black and Indigenous communities of color. 

As […]

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Get Out the Vote — Without Getting out of the House!

Over the weekend conservative activists tried to force Oregon’s return to “normal” and exploit the current crisis to continue to harm and marginalize our most vulnerable community members and frontline workers. Our current crisis brings mainstream attention to the existing inequities that we have always known. 

COVID-19 has exposed how our “normal” […]

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