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Washington County Housing Resource Guide

Everyone deserves a place to live, but oftentimes, accessing vital resources presents a challenge to our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities (AAPI) in Washington County who are working to provide for themselves and their families. The purpose of this guide is to share useful information about housing resources and how to access them.

Highlighted in […]

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September Cultural Work Roundup

/// September 2020 ///

While some of us know our special powers and have found places to give, others are still searching for their purpose in this growing, multifaceted movement against the dominant culture. How does one find their way through the noise, stay true to themselves, and strengthen their […]

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Request for Proposals (RFP) for Executive Search Firm

APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon) seeks to retain a consultant, firm or organization to assist the board and staff to recruit and hire the organization’s next Executive Leadership. This RFP outlines the expectations and timeline for the scope of work. The selected firm will possess capacity and competencies on a full range of […]

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Cultural Work Roundup August 2020

The meaning of success can vary across time, space, and bodies; however, success is the common goal and enemy for our innermost and collective selves. How can we draw success in a shape that allows us to heal and grow? Is strategizing pear-shaped? An endless wave? An octagon with two circles in it? […]

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APANO announces interim leadership to support transition

Dear Community,

At APANO, we are rooted in values of self determination and belonging. We believe our relationships are sources of strength, support, and power. And we are committed to building the political, social, economic, and cultural power communities need to thrive.

These values are at the heart of APANO’s organizing, […]

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