What is race? What is racism? How do we embody racism? How do we confront racism in ourselves, in our communities, and in society?

What is the model minority myth? How has it been weaponized? How can we disrupt the weaponization and create a model minority mutiny?

Join local API leaders, elected officials, and academics as we learn how to deepen our commit to building a just, safe, thriving state for all API and BIPOC communities. Open to all audiences.

How does anti-Blackness show-up in Asian & Pacific Islander communities? How do we confront and disrupt this system of oppression in ourselves, our communities, and in society?

Old and new members of Asians 4 Black Lives share their experiences on how A4BL challenges and disrupts anti-blackness + white supremacy within ourselves, our organization, and beyond.

What are the journeys and experiences of API communities in the past? How does this shape our livelihoods currently? What can we do to (re)align ourselves with community and land?

What is racial healing? How can we engage in racial healing within ourselves, our communities, and in society?

What is the history of the building that is now called Orchards of 82? How does community based development happen?

Why is mental health care important for Asian and Pacific Islander communities? How do we hold space for ourselves and each other to grieve and heal?

Where can I learn more?
Where can I dive deeper? 

What inspired Liberation in Practice? How is resilience relevant for communities of color?

Download your Way Finding Workbook to co-create useful anti-racism tools throughout API Heritage Month. 

Interpretation available: ASL, Chinese, Vietnamese, & Spanish. Support ongoing programming to the Resilience Series and API Heritage Month.
This programming content brought to you by APANO Communities United Fund, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.