Parent & Caregiver Group

Parenting and caregiving is a labor of love. They require commitment, hard work, and a community of support. The policies that affect us day in and day out should reflect that hard work and be supportive of our efforts to raise good humans. 

That means ensuring child care is affordable and accessible; that incomes keep up with the price of goods and services; that housing is plentiful and affordable; that our education system is reflective of and working for us; and so on. 

While these challenges are not unique to parents and caregivers, we know being able to come together with the shared experience of intersecting identities — AAPI and parent/caregiver — makes the Parent & Caregiver Group a space rich in open, honest dialogue. We love that people can gather knowing there is a shared understanding of how our community’s issues affect future generations, and that they are moved to take action. 

Through the Parent & Caregiver Group, APANO works to empower AAPI parents and support them in their own leadership development. We hope to break down the barriers that prevent AAPI immigrant and refugee parents from getting involved in their child’s education. And we hope you’ll join us in this crucial work. 

Currently, we lead groups of Chinese and Vietnamese parents and caregivers in Portland neighborhoods but we hope to expand our efforts to more neighborhoods around Oregon! We hold regular group gatherings and we’d love to have you. Get in touch for more information below.

For more information about the Chinese and Vietnamese parent and caregiver groups, please reach out to Wanna and Xuannha, respectively.

Photo taken from Parent's Group zoo outing.