October 6, 2021

Division Street Bridge Reclamation Project

Creative Placekeeping

Division Street Bridge Reclamation Project
Date: 2018
Location: SE 87th Avenue and SE Division Street, East Portland
Collaborators: Rodolfo Serna

Through the Division Street Bridge Reclamation Project, the Collective developed community driven mural art. Students experienced the mural making process step by step. The artist team mentored their youth throughout the experience building trust and relationships with the same way these young people will have an opportunity to mentor the students at Bridger Middle School. We began with community discussions about safety, which led into the brainstorming and the creation of an initial design. Then, we took sections of the design to the students so they can participate in developing parts of the mural. Once the mural was installed and complete we had an unveiling ceremony with the families and friends of the participants, cultural presenters, and the local media.