October 6, 2021

Division Street Photographs, Illustrations, and Video

Creative Placekeeping

Division Street Photographs, Illustrations, and Video

Date: 2017

Location: Jade and Midway Districts, East Portland

Collaborators: Yelena Roslaya

As Yelena has been working and collaborating with several organizations in the Jade and Midway Districts over 2017, she found that the 82nd and Division through 122nd and Division area has been changing over the years and is continuing to do so. For this project, Yelena wanted to capture that change, but also imagine the future, with the assistance and feedback of Division Street residents, by taking photographs of businesses, landmarks, buildings, etc. that are gentrifying or could be affected by the gentrification in the next few years. ThenY elena took these documented photographs, present them to Division St. residents, and ask what changes they would like to see in the documented photographs of their area. According to the descriptions and sketches of the people, Yelena drew and designed these changes in a copy of the taken photographs, but keep the original. It will be just like a before and after photoshoot, but with feedback from the APANO-Midway community. After completing the illustrations, Yelena took a video of each drawing in its original place and create a small documentary or video showing the whole process of this project from start to finish.