October 6, 2021

Division Street Playing Cards

Creative Placekeeping

Division Street Playing Cards

Date: 2017

Location: SE Division Street, East Portland

Collaborators: Hampton Rodriguez

This project found its basis in an artistic study of the entire course of Division Street in Portland, Oregon, presenting its transportation, the human characters who make it what it is, and its businesses, street cafes, and major intersections. Through 200 or more initial sketches, with some developed as study drawings, artist Hampton Rodriguez created a deck of 52 fine art playing cards, each bearing a full-color illustration taken from said artistic investigation of Division Street. The project produced 50 decks of playable full-color cards. With local collaborators, exhibitions of the playing cards were held, featuring larger format prints of the card illustrations and some initial drawings and sketches, with the aim to stimulate the public and catalyze the creation of further urban art by communities along the Division corridor.