October 15, 2021

Families, Reimagined

Cultural Advocacy & Cultural Production

Families, Reimagined
Date: 2019
Collaborators: Ameya Marie, Kunal Mehra, Pamela K. Santos, Christina Tran, Jake Vermaas, and Lu Yim. Designed by Ameya Okamoto.

Families come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, yet not all families receive the rights, recognition, and resources they need to thrive. One of APANO’s top priorities for the 2019 legislative session was Paid Family and Medical Leave, bill aimed to put into policy an inclusive definition of family. Part of APANO’s Cultural Work efforts, our Families, Reimagined project was commissioned original art and writing that expressed our expansive, evolutionary definitions of home, family, and community.

Download a PDF of the publication here.