October 6, 2021

Whitenoise Project

Creative Placekeeping

Whitenoise Project
Date: 2018
Location: Milepost 5, East Portland
Collaborators: Jake Vermaas and Ryan Nakano

Whitenoise Project was a monthly reading series centering voices of color and folks from marginalized communities. From 2017-2018, Whitenoise has organized and self-funded eight readings in various venues in Portland. In 2018, Whitenoise Project planned to host at Milepost 5 or S1 and was in collaboration with Friends of Noise, the IPRC, and IntersectFest for pop up events as well as regular events to serve the POC communities in East Portland. Whitenoise has expanded programming for its monthly reading and discussion series centering writers of color for 2018, with several themed poetry readings/events. There was also a workshop by a representative of Kearny Street Workshop for a few community arts organizers about how API or PoC-centered organizations can resist gentrification. In addition to two special events bringing in regional or national writers of color, Whitenoise hosted regular open mic and lit events featuring local writers of color.