March 17, 2020

A Message from APANO on Covid-19

At APANO, we are taking the following measures to support and protect the health of our community members, our families, and our staff. Internally at APANO, we are responding in several ways:

  • At APANO, we have canceled all current gatherings and events. This includes our own events like the API Census Summit and Metro T2020 workshops. We are not planning to host additional events at this time.
  • In our operations and at our offices, we are following recommendations from health authorities to support the health of our staff, their families, and community members and all staff have been asked to work remotely. Asian and Pacific Islanders often live in multigenerational households and other loved ones. It’s especially important to protect elders who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.
  • After much reflection and discussion, we have decided to cancel our annual gala, Voices of Change, which had been planned for May 2020 during API Heritage Month. Instead, we invite our supporters to contribute to our Jade District Covid Relief Fund for impacted workers at small Asian-owned businesses that have experienced layoffs and reduced hours.
  • Our small business support team is gearing up and preparing to connect business owners with city, state, and federal resources and advocating for expanded support for businesses and workers.
  • Our work to build community and social change will need to adapt for the time being, but it will go on through our outreach for the 2020 census (which can be filled out now online at, the May primary elections, cultural work, supporting small businesses, workers, and immigrants, and more. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the latest.