February 9, 2022

APANO 2022 Legislative Priorities

Now is the time to engage. Read more on how APANO’s legislative priorities can impact you and your communities. Follow APANO on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter to learn how you can show your support for equity and better resources recovering from Covid-19.


We have a long way to go to make our school systems equitable and representative of all of Oregon’s youth.

  • HB 4112 Professional Development for Ethnic Studies in Oregon
    Supports K-12 educators to implement the state’s new Ethnic Studies standards, ensuring that students have the opportunity to learn about the unique histories of Oregon’s diverse communities.
  • HB 4091 Pacific Islander Student Success Act
    Statewide plan to meet educational needs and address systemic disparities that impact Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian students in Oregon.

Immigrant Justice:

Throughout the pandemic, migrants and migrant workers have worked tirelessly to bring food to everyone’s tables. Their rights ought to be everyone’s priority.

  • HB 4002 Farm worker overtime
    Ensures that farmworkers are compensated for any of their labor that exceeds their maximum hours.
  • Oregon Worker Relief Fund
    Provides temporary financial relief to those who have lost wages in Oregon to COVID-19 and are ineligible for financial assistance from the federal and state programs due to their immigration status.
  • Universal Representation
    Provides immigrants with legal support, helps families stay together.

Caring for Our Communities:

Communities are still vulnerable to COVID-19, and it still has deep impacts on our people. We only have a few short weeks to change that.

  • HB 4005 Childcare
  • Support Child Care Affordability for Subsidy-Eligible Families by Increasing Subsidy Rates
  • Support Growing Child Care Supply With New & Expanded Provider Grants
  • Support Oregon’s Child Care Systems Development Through HB 3073 Implementation

  • HB 4011 Mental Health Workforce Emergency Support
    Initiates an incentive program for mental health associates within the Oregon Health Authority.


Another urgent priority for us all: infrastructure and accessible resources to navigate extreme heat.

  • SB 1536 Emergency Heat Relief for Renters
  • Removes barriers to renters to instal air conditioners
  • Gathers data about transitioning rental housing to including cooling and establishes scenarios in which that transition is required
  • $10M to Oregon Department of Energy for efficient heat pump installation by landlords; preferences housing that is affordable
  • $2M to Oregon Department of Human Services for community cooling centers

  • HB 4058 Emergency Heat Relief for Communities
  • $5M for emergency (efficient) air conditioner and heat pump deployment through Oregon Health Authority
  • $10M for efficient heat pump deployment through Oregon Department of Energy prioritizing low-income and environmental justice communities on bulk fuels
  • Directs PUC and utilities to establish rate relief specific for weather-related bill spikes.

Democracy Rights:

With another noteworthy election coming up, it’s important that everyone’s rights are protected and uplifted so we can all participate in democracy.

  • HB 4147 Restoration of Voting
    Ensures that Oregonians who are convicted of a felony to register to vote, update voter registration and vote in elections while incarcerated.

APANO is also proud to support:

  • 2022 Fair Shot Coalition Agenda, as well as
  • SB1510 Transformative Justice
  • Reduces unnecessary stops by law enforcement for Oregonians of color
  • Mandates that officers inform Oregonians of their right to decline a search, as well as written/verbal consent to search.


Political Director | Marchel Marcos at marchel@apano.org

APANO unites Asians and Pacific Islanders to build power, develop leaders, and advance equity through organizing, advocacy, community development, and cultural work.

This programming message is brought to you by APANO, a 501c4 nonprofit organization.

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