October 11, 2018

APANO's November 2018 Candidate Slate

APANO, Oregon’s oldest and largest Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization, is pleased to share our slate of candidate endorsements for the November 6, 2018 General Elections! Ballots will arrive starting October 18th — be sure to turn in your ballots by 8:00 pm, Tuesday November 6, 2018! Also read more about our Ballot Endorsements here. Feeling inspired and want to get involved? Sign up to help with APANO’s campaign work here.

Kate Brown - Oregon Governor - Statewide

As Governor, Kate has worked to raise the state minimum wage, to guarantee paid sick leave, and to reduce college tuition. She was the first governor in the nation to take action on clean energy - ending the use of coal power. Gov. Brown helped pass K-12 comprehensive Ethnic Studies, extended health insurance to all children, and passed the country’s most progressive reproductive health equity law.

Top Issues: Education, Affordable and Accessible Healthcare, Reproductive Justice, Protecting the Environment

Why Kate:
"Governor Kate Brown has stood shoulder to shoulder with our AAPI communities as we helped pass incredible policies like comprehensive K-12 Ethnic Studies, expanded English Language Learners funding, and the country’s most progressive health equity law - the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA). We look forward to doing everything we can to re-elect Governor Brown so we can continue to work over the next 4 years on making Oregon a welcoming place for all.” - Chi Nguyen, Interim Executive Director, APANO

Jo Ann Hardesty - City Council - Portland

Jo Ann is a former state legislator and a long-time community activist, known for her past work as President of the Portland NAACP. When elected, Jo Ann will be the first woman of color ever elected to the Portland City Council. APANO proudly endorsed her in May 2018, where she won 47% of the vote. She is a Navy Veteran and KBOO radio host for “Voices From the Edge.”

Top Issues:
Safe Housing, Police Accountability, Environmental Justice

Why Jo Ann: “With the historic election of Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland will be gaining a thoughtful, passionate, and experienced community leader who can help elevate the voices of Portlanders long shut out of the political process. Jo Ann’s commitment to communities of color and advocacy skills to fight for Asians and Pacific Islanders will bring much needed representation to our city government, and APANO is excited to support her.” - Robin Ye, Lead Political Organizer at APANO

Teresa Alonso Leon - State Representative - HD 22

Teresa is the first Latina, indigenous woman to be elected to the Oregon House of Representatives, representing Woodburn & North Salem. As the daughter of migrant farmworkers, she will continue to fight for increased access to higher education as a pathway to lifting up communities of color.

Top Issues: Small Businesses and Working Families, Investing in Communities, Education

Why Teresa: “House District 22 stretches from Woodburn to North Salem, and is home to a vibrant community of immigrants and people of color, including over 1,200 Asian and Pacific Islanders,” said Chi Nguyen, Interim Executive Director of APANO. “Teresa Alonso Leon offers a powerful and passionate racial equity champion to Salem. She helps elevate the voices of Oregonians long shut out of our political process. Teresa’s commitment to communities of color and higher education advocacy will help serve Asians and Pacific Islanders across Oregon, and APANO is excited to support her.”

Janelle Bynum - State Representative - HD 51

Janelle is the daughter of teachers and believes in putting education first. She is also a small business owner who has provided her employees with scholarships to pursue their education and professional development. As a legislator, Janelle supported raising the minimum wage and implementing paid sick leave.

Top Issues:
Funding Public Schools, Supporting Small Businesses, Livable Neighborhoods, Equitable Outcomes

Why Janelle: “House District 51--spanning Happy Valley and Clackamas--is home to a growing number of Asians and Pacific Islanders, with more than 9,400 APIs representing close to 14% of the district’s population, making it one of the most AAPI house districts in Oregon” said Chi Nguyen, Interim Executive Director at APANO. “Rep. Janelle Bynum has a record of commitment to communities of color in Clackamas County during her term in Salem. She is an important member of our diversifying legislature, as the only African American member of the House Caucus. Bynum’s re-election will continue to change the tone and conversation in Salem around issues of race, fairness, and removing barriers for folks to participate in the political process.”

Rachel Prusak - State Representative - HD 37

Rachel is a nurse who has worked for years serving the most vulnerable members of our community. She is driven by years of lived experience to advocate for affordable healthcare, public education systems, and improving transportation and infrastructure.

Top Issues: Affordable Health Care and Childcare, Education, Investing in Communities

Alissa Keny-Guyer - State Representative - HD 46

Alissa is the chair of the House Committee on Human Services and Housing and a member of the House Health Care Committee and House Early Childhood and Family Support Committee. She is dedicated to closing racial and gender disparities through affordable housing, revenue reform, and increased access to health and human services.

Top Issues:
Economic justice, Education, Affordable Healthcare, Investing in Communities

Rob Wagner - State Senator - SD 19

Rob is a member of the Senate Committee on Human Services and the Senate Committee Judiciary. As senator, he helped pass gun protection legislation and raised the minimum wage. Rob believes in implementing policy using an equity lens, with priorities on supporting working families through education and student safety, clean energy jobs, and universal healthcare.

Top Issues:
Education, Affordable Housing, Universal Healthcare, Investing in Communities, Revenue Reform

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