March 24, 2022

Apply for our Climate, Health, and Housing Institute!

How does your environment affect you? We know that people have a huge impact on the health of the environment at all levels, but what impact does the environment have on our own lives? How does where we live determine our health and right to safe environments?

The Climate, Health, and Housing Institute (CHHI) will begin in April 2022.

What is the Climate, Health, and Housing Institute (CHHI)?

The Climate, Health, and Housing Institute (CHHI) is a 3-month institute for BIPOC community to collectively explore the intersections between the forces driving gentrification, health disparities, and the climate crisis and learn about ways to organize and advocate for justice in our communities and how we center decolonization along the way.

The CHHI fellowship will run for 3 months and is intended for BIPOC individuals. Through participation in this program, CHHI fellows will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of Environmental Justice.
  2. Explore ways of empowering themselves and their communities to advocate for safer, more equitable environments.
  3. Engage in conversation about environmental justice issues their communities have identified.
  4. Explore how we decolonize our analysis and activism when it comes to Environmental Justice.

To participate in the program, CHHI Fellows are expected to attend 6 virtual workshop sessions, starting Thursday, April 28th from 6:00-8:30. The recurring meeting time for our 2-2.5 hour sessions will be selected during the first session on April 28th based on Fellow's availability. All sessions will be held virtually on zoom. Participants will receive a stipend of $961.50 for their time and energy in the program.

To apply:

Please fill out this application form and return it by Friday, April 15th at 5pm. For any questions about the fellowship please contact Misha Belden.

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