March 31, 2020

April 2020 Cultural Work Roundup

/// APRIL 2020 ///

In times of uncertainty, art and culture are what folks lean into. What is helping you keep afloat in these times of self-isolation? Who are you leaning on right now? Below is a list of some BIPOC radical thinkers and doers to help us get through these uncertain days with a number recommended by APANO's Arts & Media Project (AMP) members.


  • How to Survive the End of the World: Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens - This episode brings you advice about how to adapt your travel and gatherings, timely medical information, invocations, grounding practices and reflections from the March 7, 2020 webinar: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparation for People Living with Chronic Illnesses in the United States. Unlike much of what we’re seeing in the media and public discussion, this virtual gathering centered the wisdom and life experiences of people who live with chronic illnesses and disability.
  • All My Relations - Hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation), All My Relations is a podcast hosted by) to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another. Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing Native American peoples today. Recommended by Vincent Kukua



  • Starting April 1, Cultural Work Coordinator Roshani Thakore is starting a weekly Read Aloud Reading Group on Jeff Chang’s book We Gon' Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation. The group is for folks interested in s l o w r e a d i n g, where one person reads to the group and holds a discussion of the text. Happening every Wednesday at 6 pm PST. If you’re interested in participating, send her an email!
  • Ken Yoshikawa's poetry book Monster Colored Glasses. You can check out an audio recorded version of his book here. To support Ken who recently had his play canceled, here’s his Patreon: Recommended by Sara Onitsuka
  • Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine - “As sick, disabled, poor, Black and brown, queer and trans people (to name a few), we already know a hell of a lot about surviving.” Read what Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha has to say. Recommended by Candace Kita
  • Memory of Fire: Genesis, by Eduardo Galeano - "A sweeping account of the Americas from their birth to the present day, the trilogy is at once a rendering of the historical and mythic fabric of the continents, and a resistance againt the genocide of conquests. Galeano tells of the often silenced, including indigenous poets, revolutionaries, inventors, and polemicists, whose contributions form a people's history of the other América."--Back cover of vol. 1. Recommended by Jake Vermaas
  • Care in the Time of Coronavirus - “The Asian American Feminist Collective just released a zine titled "Care in the Time of Coronavirus," which looks at Asian American feminist practices, politics, and histories of care and care work.” Recommended by Jyothi Natarajan


  • Lama Rad Owens - Officially recognized by the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, Lama Rod received his teaching authorization after spending over 3 years in silent group retreat at Kagyu Thubten Chöling Monastery (KTC) outside of New York City. Owens is hosting an online Dharma teaching on Thursday 3/26 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Recommended by Jenny Chu
  • East Bay Meditation Center - This Oakland based hosts a POC meditation group every Thursday night. Now that their classes are online, you don’t have to live in Oakland to attend. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get the deets.


  • DJ DNice - Club Quarantine Live Party - Since Wednesday March 18, DJ D-Nice has been hosting Club Quarantine, a.k.a. "the biggest party in the world"—virtually, via an Instagram Live that quickly went viral, growing larger by the day. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Jennifer Lopez has shown up. Get your dance on!


If you have BIPOC art and culture to add to this list or additional resources, please contact Cultural Work Coordinator Roshani Thakore at Take care!