February 9, 2022

Call for Artist to Help Honor the History of the Orchards of 82nd!

(Pictured) Members of Hood Sadaji Shiogi’s family picking berries. The Shiogi family owned farmland in Montavilla, Oregon, and leased land in Troutdale, Oregon, around the time this photo was taken (circa 1915).

Deadline: Monday, March 7, 2022, 5:00pm

Apply here: bit.ly/orchards-app-22

The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) is seeking an artist or artist team to work closely with community members, APANO staff, and neighboring institutions to create a new community-based public art project honoring the history and legacy of the thriving orchards in East Portland.


In 2019, APANO moved into the Orchards of 82nd (O82), a 48-unit affordable housing development alongside APANO’s offices and 5,000 sq. ft. community space at SE 82nd Ave. and Division St. Working with O82 and greater Jade District residents, we developed an O82 Art Plan that outlines the community’s desires for arts and cultural activities at the new development. Since then, we have been building relationships with residents, created three original interior murals in APANO’s community space, hosted six BIPOC artists and residents through an artist residency program, and developed multiple community-based exhibitions in the O82 lobby. We are excited to continue creating participatory and meaningful creative opportunities led by the voices and visions of O82 residents and community members.

In 2020, APANO was selected to participate in the Public Art & Civic Engagement (PACE) Capacity Building Initiative led by the Mural Arts Institute, a program of the renowned public art organization Mural Arts Philadelphia. Through this initiative, we are working closely with the Mural Arts Institute to build the capacity of local artists in working with the community to produce socially-engaged, participatory public art projects from 2021-2023. The selected artist will receive technical support and participate in deep learning opportunities with Mural Arts Institute as part of its Artist Catalyst program.

History of Orchards of 82nd

The Orchards of 82nd was named to honor the legacy of the orchards owned by Japanese families in East Portland in the early 1900s, before WWII. Remnants of the original orchards are located on Portland Community College Southeast’s campus, across the street from the Orchards of 82nd. As O82 residents and community members get to know the building, the neighborhood, and each other, we aim to create a participatory, community-based public art project that references this history and imagines this site as a contemporary orchard in 2022.

What will the project look like?

We are seeking to work with a Portland-based artist to enhance the connections between the area’s history and current geography, focusing on the history of the land, its role as a site of community nourishment, and its Indigenous stewardship. This public art project can take a variety of forms and will be designed in deep collaboration with local community members and neighboring institutions. The project should have some form of sustainability after the Artist Catalyst period is complete.

From April 2022-April 2023, the artist will work closely with APANO to:

  1. Consider the questions: How has the area served – and continues to serve – as a site of community nourishment? What are the relationships between the land and its stewards and residents? What are ways to enhance community resilience through nourishment and land-based practices? What does a contemporary orchard look like in East Portland?
  2. Research the history and current landscape of the area, including:
  3. The farming history of the area, including the remaining trees from the original orchards and its role as a site of community nourishment
  4. The Indigenous stewardship, past and present, of the area
  5. The current social and political landscape of the area in relation to food and food resilience, farming, and green spaces

  6. Identify local participants, collaborators, and stakeholders in the project, and create a community engagement process that includes accessible opportunities for O82 residents and local community members to meaningfully participate in the project
  7. Collaborate with APANO’s Cultural Work team in finalizing format(s) and site(s) for the project
  8. Participate in multiple learning opportunities as part of the Mural Arts Institute’s Artist Catalyst program, including:
  9. The PACE Incubator, a two-week deep dive on public art and community engagement, from April 18-22, 2022 (virtual) and from April 25-30, 2022 (in-person in Philadelphia, PA, COVID-permitting, expenses paid)
  10. Annual Mural Arts Institute symposia
  11. Hands-on project management support and a staff artist mentor from the Mural Arts Institute
  12. Reflection and learning activities in collaboration with PACE Initiative’s Learning and Reflection Partner, Sherman Cultural Strategies
  13. Other learning activities in collaboration with APANO to collectively learn with and from a national network of socially-engaged public art practitioners

  14. Document and reflect on the project, its goals, and the success of its engagement strategies
  15. Design a methodology for the project to continue after the Artist Catalyst period is complete


This public art project can take a variety of forms, including but not limited to permanent or temporary murals, 3D artwork, gatherings, events, and more. The artist will work closely with APANO to determine and finalize the format(s) and site(s) for the project. We recommend that the project be located in or around one of these three suggested locations:

  • At Orchards of 82nd
  • At Portland Community College - Southeast
  • Around the intersection of SE 82nd Avenue and SE Division Street


Monday, March 7, 2022 -- Applications due by 5pm

April 1, 2022 -- Applicants notified of selection decisions, and project period begins

April 18-22, 2022 -- PACE Incubator, Week 1 (virtual) *Artist must be able to attend both weeks of the PACE Incubator

April 25-30, 2022 -- PACE Incubator, Week 2 (in-person in Philadelphia, PA, COVID-permitting, expenses paid) *Artist must be able to attend both weeks of the PACE Incubator

April 1, 2023 -- Project completed

April-May 2023 -- Reflection and evaluation period

Spring 2023 -- PACE Final Symposium


The artist will receive an artist fee of $15,000 for leading the community engagement and project production process. Up to $20,000 is available to the artist for project expenses, such as supplies, equipment, assistants, community stipends, space, refreshments, etc. The artist will work with APANO to determine the final project expenses budget.

Should I apply?

We are seeking a Portland-based artist with experience in participatory, community-based work who is interested in working closely with community members, APANO, and Mural Arts Philadelphia. Priority will be given to applicants who live or work in East Portland and/or who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Artists must be located in the Portland area to apply. Preferences will be given to artists interested in mural-making, history, interpretation of archival material, and gardening.

To support the artist in grounding into the project, APANO will provide in-depth history and existing research about the neighborhood and connections to community partners. While the public art project may take a variety of formats, the selected artist will also receive in-depth training in mural design, production, and community engagement from Mural Arts Philadelphia, and these strategies should be woven into the project process or final artwork. The artist will be required to participate in the PACE Incubator (see dates above) and confirm their availability in their application. Teams are welcome to apply and split the $15,000 artist fee among team members.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out this Google Form by Monday, March 7, 2022 at 5:00pm. The application includes the following narrative response questions and attachments:

  • Why would you like to participate in this project?
  • What experiences do you bring in leading community-driven creative projects? Provide at least one example of your involvement in past community-driven projects, their successes, and their challenges.
  • What experiences do you bring in socially-engaged public art?
  • What communities do you belong to or actively participate in?
  • If you live or work in East Portland, please describe your connection to East Portland.
  • Please attach 5-10 digital images of examples of your work that can give us a sense of your skills and approaches to previous projects.
  • Short written bio (under 200 words)
  • Current resume or CV (optional)

Questions? Need help with your application?

To support applicants in the application process, APANO will hold online, drop-in “office hours” to address questions that you may have about the project or application. Anyone interested in applying for this opportunity is welcome to join and ask questions. The office hours will be hosted by Candace Kita, Cultural Strategy Director, and Roshani Thakore, Cultural Work Coordinator. If you’d like to join, please sign up below to receive a Zoom link:

Wednesday, February 23, 12pm-1pm

Monday, February 28, 12pm-1pm

If you cannot make the office hours, need assistance with preparing your application, or have any other questions, please contact Candace Kita, Cultural Strategy Director, at candace@apano.org or Roshani Thakore, Cultural Work Coordinator, at roshani@apano.org.



APANO unites Asians and Pacific Islanders to build power, develop leaders, and advance equity through organizing, advocacy, community development, and cultural work. We envision a just world where Asians and Pacific Islanders and communities who share our aspirations and struggles have the power, resources, and voice to determine our own futures, and where we work in solidarity to drive political, social, economic, and cultural change. Find out more about our work at www.apano.org.

About the Mural Arts Institute

The Mural Arts Institute was established in 2017 as an initiative of Mural Arts Philadelphia, the nation’s largest public art program dedicated to the belief that art ignites change. The Institute is dedicated to advancing research on and development of participatory and socially-engaged public art practices and centers its approach around connection: building networks, developing partnerships, and convening artists, community and partners to collaborate around participatory, socially engaged public art practices. Our work is in service to a larger movement that values equity, fairness and progress across all of society. We bring the Mural Arts model to other change-oriented cities across the country to help build their capacity to sustain community-driven public art projects. We work with artists, activists, arts organizations, cultural institutions, municipal governments and more with the goal of igniting change with public art. Learn more at muralarts.org/institute and follow along on social media @muralarts on Twitter and Instagram, @MuralArtsPhiladelphia on Facebook, and phillymuralarts on YouTube.

This programming message brought to you by APANO Communities United Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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