March 8, 2017

Day of Action 2017 Highlights

This past President's Day, 90+ Asians and Pacific Islanders visited the Capitol for APANO's 8th annual "Day of Action". Throughout the day, we delivered a strong and powerful message that ALL of our families deserve the rights, resources, and recognition to thrive through our 3 policy priorities: Stable Homes for Oregon Families (HB 2004), Statewide Ethnic Studies (HB 2845), and Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB 2232). We couldn't have done this without community members such as yourself, telling powerful stories of your own experiences and advocating for concrete policies that make our communities stronger. Here are a few "Day of Action" Highlights:

  • 90 attendees from various age, cultural, ethnic, and geographies packed the room. Special shout-out to Gabby, an APANO member who came all the way from Bend, OR to be with us!
  • 37 legislative meetings with Senators and Representatives.
  • 15 lobby day captains who really stepped up to take a leadership role. Half of them were even first-time attendees!
  • Special VIP appearance by Governor Kate Brown, Representative Diego Hernandez, Kristina Narayan and Victoria Demchak (former APANO staff members).
  • ALLY youth leading us through an interactive process of how an idea becomes a law.

Want to continue advocating with us? Here are a few chances coming up quickly:

We know that many of you want to keep engaging with us, especially in this political moment for our country where immigrant, refugee, undocumented, and LGTBQ communities are being attacked. Please check out all the many ways you can get involved below!

To get more involved in APANO's Policy and Advocacy work, or more information on our policy priorities, contact Policy Director Zahir Janmohamed at We can't wait to see you for an even bigger Day of Action next year!

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