May 19, 2023

Help APANO Tell Senate Republicans to Get Back to Work!

Senate Republicans are denying the will of the voters, who have made it clear — time and again — in no uncertain terms, that they oppose costly walkouts. And they are walking out over issues that Oregonians overwhelmingly support: the right to make our own healthcare decisions, to access abortion and the care we need, and other important bills that would serve our communities.

Oregon voters do not support walkouts. Just last fall, voters in 34 of 36 Oregon counties — including communities that Senate Republicans represent — overwhelmingly voted in favor of Measure 113, sending a clear message that lawmakers need to show up and do their job. That’s the will of the people.

Unfortunately, thirteen Senators are blocking policies they don’t like by walking off the job and preventing the legislature from functioning. Our policies and budgets can’t pass until all the lawmakers who are skipping work show up!

APANO is working in coalition to send a clear message to Senate Republicans -- GET BACK TO WORK. When everyday Oregonians don’t show up for work, they don't get paid. Why should legislators continue to collect a paycheck, funded by Oregon taxpayers, for not doing their jobs and leaving Oregon families hanging?

APANO along with our partners are rallying across the state to show these legislators that their constituents want them to come back to work:

  • SD 16 - Weber: St. Helens, Scappoose, Astoria, Seaside, Tillamook
  • SD 6 - Hayden: Rural Lane County, Cottage Grove, Dexter, Lowell
  • SD 27 - Knopp: Bend & Redmond

If elected officials don’t like a bill, they should show up and work to improve the bill

or simply vote against it. They should make their voices heard rather than shut

down the government or delay the work of the people, which they were elected to do.

What does it mean if the Republicans don’t come back?

If the Republican Representatives and Senators don’t come back, that means all of these important pieces of legislation are stalled until the end of session. If they don’t come back, none of our priorities will pass and we will have to wait until the next session in order to see any movement on these issues. That means all of the work and resources that our communities have put into trying to make Oregon more safe and equitable for all will be put to waste. These Republican lawmakers are putting not only their jobs on the line, but Oregon lives as well. We need them to come back so that we can make Oregon a better place for all of us!

What can you do?

We need YOU to speak up on behalf of all Oregonians!

Please join us for the rally closest to you THIS Tuesday, 05/23, at 5:00 p.m.


Every helping hand will go a long way. We appreciate you taking a moment to consider joining our cause. If you are unable to join in person, you can contact your lawmakers and either thank them for showing up or tell them to get back to work!



This programatic message brought to you by APANO Communities United Fund, a 501(c)3 non profit organization.