March 27, 2020

Jade District and Old Town Chinatown Selection Committee Announce Small Business Grants

Thirty-one small businesses impacted since mid-January by the COVID-19 pandemic were selected for grants of up to $10,000

In these difficult times, local communities are partnering with the City of Portland to support some of the hardest hit immigrant- and Asian-owned small businesses in the Jade District and Old Town Chinatown. Through a $140,000 grant from the City of Portland and $50,000 from the Jade District Steering Committee, a Small Business Response Fund of $190,000 was created last week. Thirty-one businesses, listed at the end of this statement, have been selected to receive grants of up to $10,000 through a competitive application process. This initial investment from the City of Portland prioritized Asian-owned businesses that have been impacted since mid-January as a result of misplaced fear and xenophobia to provide a stopgap until other small business supports become available.

The fund received a total of 101 applications with total asks of roughly $1 million. The application process was managed by APANO Communities United Fund, and final grant decisions were made by community stakeholders who make up the Jade District Steering Committee as well as two representatives from Old Town Chinatown. Sixty-four of the 101 applicants met the geographic requirement of being based within the Jade District in East Portland or Old Town Chinatown in downtown Portland, two areas of the city with a concentration of immigrant- and Asian-owned businesses. Grant awards were prioritized for immigrant and Asian-owned businesses that have seen the longest and deepest impacts and those that have been pillars of their community and have actively supported the community. The committee also considered factors like the number of employees impacted, years of operation, and the expected use of grant funds in their decision making.

Ultimately, 31 businesses were awarded grants, including 24 in the Jade District and 7 in Old Town Chinatown. Most grants (94%) went to business owners who identified as Asian, and 3 out of 4 went to businesses in the food and restaurant industry.

This fund is a small drop in the bucket relative to the great need felt by small businesses across the city. APANO continues to advocate for deeper support for impacted workers and small businesses at the city, state and federal levels, and is pleased to see the announcement of a new $2 million fund at Prosper Portland, $1 million of which will go to grants and $1 million to interest-free loans, to support businesses city-wide.

To receive information about the new Prosper Portland fund, business owners can sign up for updates from Prosper Portland here.

APANO will also continue to provide advice and guidance to small businesses during this difficult time. For help, business owners can reach out to us at

Grant Awards

Businesses receiving $10,000 grants

Golden Horse
Mandarin House
Ocean City
Wong's King

Businesses receiving $7,500 grants

Chen's Good Taste Restaurant
Portland Chinese Times
Pure Spice Chinese Restaurant
Sushi Ichiban
Van Hanh
Yan Zi Lou

Businesses receiving $5,000 grants

Beijing Hotpot
Best Taste Togo
Buddy's Lounge
Buranko Cafe & Bar
Chinese Art Collection
Hi Yin Hair
Li Min Bakery
Master Kong
Mojo Crepes
New Kings Bakery
Pot & Spicy
Red Robe Tea House & Cafe
Safe Travel Agency
So Good Taste
Thai Fresh
VG Center
Wing Seafood

This programming message brought to you by APANO Communities United Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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