July 19, 2022

July 2022 Cultural Work Roundup

/// July 2022 ///

With all of the things happening in the world, check out how to heal, fight, learn, and be in community through your monthly dose of AAPI and BIPOC makers, radical thinkers, and resources featuring recommendations by Cultural Work Coordinator, Roshani Thakore. If you would like to include an item to a future Cultural Work Roundup, email Roshani at roshani@apano.org by the 20th of that month.


  • Healing Through Love and Connection – Join STIRY (Supporting Transgender, Immigrant and Refugee Youth) in this special workshop event from the renowned Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute. Kelly McGowan and Kavitha Rao will facilitate the workshop Emergent Strategy 101: Facilitating Love and Connection, which focuses on building connections and highlights the magic that happens when we fall in love with each other and the work. After the workshop, community members will share their stories, music and art together as a group. Monday, July 25, 12 - 2 pm. Register here.

  • Free Cooking Demo – Join Jessica Wells from the Optimal Health Clinic to simultaneously save money and improve the quality of your food by learning how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. Optimal Health Clinic is a queer, BIPOC-owned alternative medicine wellness center offering chiropractic, Chinese medicine, and nutrition. Our mission is to challenge the status quo on medicine and healthcare, and to be champions for people's health by supporting them in becoming the best version of themselves through alternative medicine. We understand that every patient is different. At Optimal, we formulate the best treatment plan tailored specifically to you in order to achieve effective results. Dr. Paau, our Chinese medicine doctor, is also offering Happy Hour to help you destress and relax on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Demo on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 pm. 716 SE 11th Avenue. 971-383-2008 optimalpdx.com


  • Radical Belonging and Bridging: A Path Forward for Societies in Crisis? – Today we are facing a ‘superstorm’ of challenges, including polarization, rising authoritarianism, the global climate crisis, inequality, structural racism, and group-based hate, among others. This requires a coordinated response and for civic leaders from all walks of life to be in conversation. But for too long, civic leaders concerned centrally with democracy and those concerned with the rights of marginalized and minority communities have worked in silos, despite the many shared goals and values that both groups share. Can a reorientation towards belonging help us counter the forces that seek to divide us? What is bridging and how can we bridge across differences in order to advance true belonging? Watch this conversation with civic leaders from Europe and the US to discuss those questions.

  • Some Reflections On Abortion – This video series co-created by The Center for Cultural Power, explores abortion through the lens of Reproductive Justice - a term coined by Black women activists which encompasses our right to maintain personal bodily autonomy – and centers the voices of Texas-based Abortion

  • Justice leaders. The series includes episodes on Charting Futures, Ending Stigma + Transforming Culture, and Connecting the Dots.


  • Crying in H Mart ft. Michelle Zauner & Hrishikesh Hirway – Best known for her work as the musician Japanese Breakfast, Zauner’s memoir is an astonishing debut: a rich, intimate, and lyrical story about finding yourself, and the enduring power of food and family. Zauner is joined in conversation at this event by Hrishikesh Hirway, musician and host/producer of the podcasts Song Exploder, Home Cooking, and more. Produced by AAWW Radio.

  • Love the Child: Care is the Throughline – Autumn and adrienne maree brown have a very tender, intimate conversation about the times we are living through and how we hold each other tight and keep co-creating the future. From the podcast, How to Survive the End of the World.


  • AAPI Resources for Political & Popular Education – Collated by Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership (OPAWL’s) Facilitation for Liberation Fellowship, this comprehensive list is for those seeking to lead popular education & political education in their communities.
  • A Black and Asian Feminist Reproductive Justice Syllabus – Nearly 30 years after its birth, reproductive justice remains a fundamental feminist framework addressing issues of bodily autonomy, equity, and liberation. Check out these primary sources and building blocks of the reproductive justice movement by Salonee Bhaman.



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