January 9, 2018

Maria Supports Measure 101

by Maria, Community Member

My name is Maria. I’m Filipinx-American.

If any of you have ever lived under the same roof with grandparents, parents, children, or other relatives—you know that caring for one another is a big part of daily life. This means doing whatever it takes so that everyone can eat well and get to their medical appointments, workplace, and school on time. You buy groceries together, pay bills together, and everyone pitches in for rent. Even with a super team like that, there are some challenges that are hard to tackle, like health care arrangements and figuring out what’s covered, because it’s not that simple, but it should be. That’s why I support Measure 101.

I support affordable, accessible health care for everyone. No one should have to forgo or delay medical services or treatment that they need because it is too expensive or too confusing. No one should have to go into debt because of their health condition or a family member’s. Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians depend on Medicaid and affordable insurance coverage, and Measure 101 ensures these Oregonians can continue receiving the care they need. The future of Oregon depends on healthy families and communities, and it begins with improving—not weakening—health care in our state.

Will you join me in voting YES on Measure 101 on January 23rd?


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