June 18, 2021

Pride! An Interview with Jia Lu Ni

We’re back! For #PrideMonth2021 get to know one of the members of our QTAPA Subcommittee of AMP Jia Lu Ni!

APANO: What did you miss during the pandemic?

Jia Lu: I miss the small things like going to a park with our group of queer friends. And the big dance nights at Judy on Duty!

A: Did you have concerns about the vaccine? What made you want to get the vaccine?

JLN: At first I was nervous because the vaccine trials seemed so short, but at the end of the day, it’s about public safety and protecting those around us by protecting ourselves as well.

A: Right. People have been using all kinds of vaccines for over a century. The new technology in the Covid-19 vaccine has been studied for over 20 years. The CDC even has a tool called v-safe, which lets people use a smartphone to report any side effects. It’s because of this data from tens of thousands of volunteers that we can produce safe vaccines.

A: So when you are fully vaccinated (if you’re not already), what are you excited to do?

JLN: I’m excited to take my partner on a date to a neighborhood restaurant patio! And potlucks with friends. Sharing food is what connects us.

A: So glad you’re fully vaccinated! Each person vaccinated is one step closer to #HerdImmunity What does Pride Month mean to you as an Asian American?

JLN: Growing up in Ohio, there were very few people of color, and even fewer people I knew who were queer and out. I’ve never been ashamed of being Asian, but my queerness was something I could hide and something I could hide from. Pride Month for me is about finally being comfortable in who I am and all of my identities.

A: What do you think gets left out in Pride? What would it look like to change that?

JLN: I’d love to see more opportunities for youth to get involved and engaged – LGBTQIA and allies! It’s something that would have had a big impact on me growing up, to be surrounded by role models that reflect the diversity that exists within the queer community.

Thanks Jia Lu! Want to learn + join the Queer/Trans Subcommittee of our Arts and Media Project? Email our Cultural Work Coordinator Roshani at roshani@apano.org to get involved!

Booking your vaccination appointment? Head to vaccines.gov

Find a BIPOC specific vaccination clinic at apano.org/vaccine

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