April 25, 2013

Yes on Children's Levy, Yes on Fluoride

Our children are the future, and the future is now. On May 21st, Portland Voters will be deciding on two very important issues that will affect the quality of life and opportunity for a prosperous life. APANO values the welfare and prosperity for all our families, and is supporting two measures that will increase economic and racial justice. Will you join APANO in helping us educate and get out the vote for kids?

  • Vote Yes on Measure 26-150 for the Portland Children's Levy. A good investment, providing real results, improving the academic achievement and keep our kids safe.

  • Vote Yes on Measure 26-151 for Healthy Kids Healthy Portland. 21% of kids have untreated dental decay suffer 40% more cavities than children in fluoridated Seatte. Water fluoridation is safe, cost-effective, and increases health equity.

Learn more:

Check out our educational presentation and flyers in different languages

Portland Voters will receiving ballots in early May. If you're interested in volunteering with APANO to help with our voter education and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, please contact sandra@apano.org or call 971-340-4861.