October 5, 2021

The History of Korean American Adoption and Now and Tomorrow for Korean Adoptees


"The History of Korean American Adoption" and "Now and Tomorrow for Korean Adoptees"
Date: 2019
Location: Orchards of 82nd and Milepost 5, East Portland

Collaborators: Daniel Gyu

Focusing on Korean adoption through a historical lens, this pair of events supported AMP 2019's theme: "Passages." The first event, "The History of Korean American Adoption," centered on the socio-historical context of Korean adoption and the origin stories and childhoods of adoptees. The second event, "Now and Tomorrow for Korean Adoptees" focused on the adult adoptee experience and cover themes such as identity, returning to Korea, birth searches, and parenting. Each event included an artist's presentation, a brief address on the history and context, an adoptee panel discussion and Q&A, and community reception. The events preceded with an AMP-sponsored screening of "Approved for Adoption."